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Bill's Subcontracting & Renovations

Bill's Subcontracting & Renovations

Bill's Subcontracting & Renovations

Bill's Subcontracting & Renovations

Doreen Lynn Garbosa
14 Oct 2021

Unfortunately my review of this contractor is far from favourable. He started the job by requesting that I pay in full in advance. Silly me, I trusted him! -His work went uncompleted for two months. -he has never once had the courtesy to answer a text message! Not once! - I had to call him directly to get him to respond. - he made a measurement error for ordering the shingles, then blamed the supplier. - charged me the second delivery charge of the shingles even though it was his error! - made several claims that his delays were the fault of weather, other people, and a bad back. Just too many claims to be true. -promised us to have the work done by a certain date, only to not show up to finish it on the aggreed on date (at least three times). - his continued delays forced me to seek the services of another contractor to prevent the exposed plywood from getting water damage. -the second contractor found several technique deficincies in the work that was done. It cost me $800.00 to fix the balance of work the Bill’s contracting refused to complete, and fix the improper sealing/leak joints he did do! - all this extra cost to me when Bill was paid up front. Amazingly bad customer treatment and priority failure. - I have a list of many procedure errors that were done, too many to list here! - hopefully he will do some serious self reflection and treat future customers with the priority and respect we deserve! Especially when we paid up front! -in NO way do I reccomend this contractor at this point.

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