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Eco Exterior

Eco Exterior

Eco Exterior

Eco Exterior

daryl morrison
25 Oct 2021

Ryan Swartzman owes us $9,400 for an incomplete job. Ryan and his team at Eco Exterior were an absolute mess at our latest house project. He was hired to install Hardie board siding and to aluminium cap a total of 11 windows and 3 doors. After months of not showing up, Ryan sent 2 workers over 3 days who incorrectly installed roughly 5% of the siding and incorrectly capped 1 window and 1 door. After this Ryan did not return to finish the job. We had to have other siding companies come to see how to proceed with what Ryan left us with, but we were told over and over that the small amount of siding that was installed was installed wrong and it would have to be torn off in order to restart correctly. Ryan not only took all our money for the job, and didn’t come close to completing anything, but he also didn’t even provide enough of the Hardie board or aluminum to complete the full job. We were forced to re-purchase the right amount of Hardie board and to install the siding ourselves as Ryan walked away with our money leaving us unable to hire another company. Take a look at the photos to see exactly how bad Ryan and his company are at the trade he claims to do, keep in mind this was only a small amount of what was to be done. Photo 1 & 2 - Every Hardie Board has a nail line along the top which reads “nail line”. Not one board was nailed in the correct spot along the line, leaving the boards loose on the strapping. We noticed this was the same on every board as they easily came down in order to restart. Because the boards were not nailed as per manufacturer requirements, (on the nail line, NOT above the nail line), in order to keep the boards down and not loose they filled the bottom of the boards with unnecessary nails completely marking up the boards in a unsightly way. Photo 3 - Even if the boards had of been nailed correctly, it wouldn’t haven’t mattered because every strapping piece was loose and not firmly screwed into the house studs. Photo 4 - Hardie Boards didn’t even look new, every board was scratched and would have needed a paint job. (that is not dust or dirt, it’s scratched off paint) Photo 5 - The length of our addition is slightly longer than the boards. Instead of cutting boards and staggering them to reach full width of the addition, they just used full boards and left the gap from siding to brick undone. Lazy! Photo 6 - The capping of the window was so wrong it’s hard to even explain it. There was two loose aluminum sheets on lower window, one of which had screws in the casing of the window. If the top piece had of been caulked, it would have sealed in the window drain hole. Clearly had no idea what they were doing. Photo 7 - More damage done to the window while attempting to cap. Photo 8 - an attempt at aluminum capping the door Photo 9 - Instead of disconnecting the hose line to drill a hole and attached correctly they cut a board down the middle and caulked the hose line sitting out. So lazy! Photo 10 - This is how they left all 3 sides of the addition and the front and back gable. Undone! Photo 11 - Trim was nailed up with no regard to appearance or technique recommended by Hardie board. Huge holes left everywhere. Never have we ever experience such incompetence in any contractor from communication to the absolute lack of any quality of work. Google/ Home Stars should allow zero star rating. To contact us regarding your bad experience with Ryan Swartzman and Eco Exterior please email photo 1 Eco.png photo 2 Eco.png photo 3 Eco.png photo 4 Eco.png photo 5 Eco.png photo 6 Eco.png photo 7 Eco.png photo 8 Eco.png photo 9 Eco.png photo 10 Eco.png photo 11 Eco.png

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